Week 2 Reflection! :)


To me, I think my parents have influenced me the most as they would teach me about whats right and wrong, discipline me correctly and not beating me but talk to me what are the things i did wrongly. My parents raised me morally correct and I appreciate them for dealing with the problematic child I was growing up. My teachers also contributed to my upbringing as well. As what Mr Ong said, he said that teachers are there to also enforce the discipline in the child.

I would think that my strengths would benefit the kind of society i wish to live in as I am the type of person that would love to entertain my friends and care and love for them. I feel that I am also very fair when it comes to group works and I would give everyone a chance to speak and a chance to give their opinions. The kind of society i would love to live in is where everyone would be kind and understanding and not disrespectful towards each other and to work towards a common goal which is to care for each other and to bring the nation to a greater height than it is already.


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