Week 4 Reflection!

My philosophy on migration and refugee issues is simple. I would like to think everyone as a human being, not by a simple label such as Jew, Indian, Malay, Chinese etc. Regardless of religion or race, I believe everyone deserves equal rights. In the recent news about the Syrian migrants/refugees that sparked the entire world, I believed that the migrants should be allowed into the countries unlike Australia. The migrants/refugees had no choice as there was war happening in their country. If the Australians were put in the same situation, I bet they would react the same war as the Syrian migrants/refugees. I would like to be like the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who accepted all Syrian refugees/migrants simply because “it’s 2015”, a quote from him.

Honestly, I would like to think the way I think because of how compassionate and sympathetic I am as a person.


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