Week 6 Reflection!

What lessons can we learn from Hyoshi Ryokan?

Firstly, Hyoshi Ryokan is a hotspring inn that was owned by the Houshi family for 1300 years and is currently owned by the 46th descendant. The situation right now is that the 46th descendant’s only son has passed away and the heir could not be passed down unless the daughter of the Houshi family marries someone who is able to “adopt” the responsibilities of owning the hotspring inn. We can learn that the Houshi family has to adopt an “outsider” in order for the tradition to continue.

However, the daughter of the Houshi family have stated that sometimes she doesn’t wish to be born into the Houshi family. She had to abandon her career goals and have to help out the family inn. “Sometimes family have to be sacrificed” – 46th Owner of Hyoshi Ryokan.

What will Singapore be like if our Prime Minister is a woman, Malay/Indian/Caucasian, young /or disabled or an immigrant?

In my opinion, I can’t see my Prime Minister be none other than a Singaporean regardless of gender. It’s probably cause I trust people who have a forward vision and his/her aim to make Singapore the best Singapore it can be. Who else fit that role other than a Singaporean? It’s only logical for a citizen of a country to wish for the best for his/her country thus my reason for being why the Prime Minister should be a Singaporean. This is unless an immigrant has proven his/her worth in being the Prime Minister for Singapore. Honestly, there’s no real criteria for being the Prime Minister. The criteria are put so that the citizens can all agree and not cause a political uproar.

This can be obviously compared to the US’s president, Barack Obama, who was the first black president. There were a lot of hate comments all over the internet and criticism in the new stating how he should go back to his “home” country. Despite all the hate comment, Barack Obama did his best and  have decreased unemployment rate, increased US’s GDP, decreased the price of oil, etc. All that I have stated were some achievements of Mr Barack Obama who had tried to make the best decisions for his country. My point is that if the nominated the head of an elected government has the best thoughts for his/her country, his/her background, gender and race does not matter.

What If Singapore doesn’t have any foreign domestic workers or foreign construction workers? What will happen?

If Singapore does not have foreign domestic workers or foreign construction workers, we wouldn’t advance as quickly as we are able to simply because they are providing most of the labor work which most Singaporeans doesn’t take up. These labor work involve construction, maid and external skills like IT. Singapore’s fast development is mostly because of the foreign workers, removing the foreign workers from Singapore will simply hinder Singapore’s growth in a competitive world where there are changes happening every second.

However, without foreign workers, we would have more jobs for Singaporeans and we would have more space without the 1.5 million foreign workers occupying up most of the packed trains near construction sites.


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