Unusual Occupations.

What does the word “unusual” mean to me?  Well, being “unusual” is a something or someone that isn’t common or not expected. Some common occupations which I  consider are Doctors, Lawyers, Taxi Drivers, Waiter/Waitress etc. I went online to search about what unusual jobs are there in Singapore, there were surprising results. The one that surprised me the most is being a Master Sommeliers  who “help people dining decide which wines complement their meals and also help restaurants craft their wine lists”.

Apparently, in order to become a Master Sommelier you must take a test which is considered one of the world’s toughest test to take. Currently, there are only about 229 Master Sommeliers in the world. Being a Master Sommelier pays quite well and you would be recognized around the world as one of the 230 people in the world who holds a Master Sommelier Diploma.











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