Can I Change?

I’ve been thinking about what bad habits I should rectify and two came into my mind. I have always been known in my secondary school life for being late. I would love to change my bad habit to better my life for the present and the future. As I grow older, my bad habit of being late tend to become worse. So, I hope by adopting the six stages change cycle, I would be able to get rid of having the bad habit of being late. They say it takes 21 days for someone to get rid of a habit.

The six stages change cycle includes

  • precontemplation
  • contemplation
  • determination
  • action
  • maintenance
  • termination

I created a plan where I would have my phone play 2-3 songs of 4 mins. This gives me a total of 10-12 mins to get ready before leaving the house so I wouldn’t be late to school, meet up with friends or have dinner with relatives. For school, I would wake up an extra 15 mins as I am a heavy sleeper and would need a long time to get out of bed so I will wake up 15 mins earlier to compensate for me not being able to get out of bed easily.

Right now, I am at the stage of maintenance, relapse and recycling where I am successful in changing my habit. I have recently been early to a meet up for a minimum of 15 minutes. I do this by leaving my house early and checking the bus timings before leaving my house.




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