Global Voices.

Brexit.jpgAfter reading the recent posts on, the one that stand out to me is the post about Britain leaving the European Union. Many of the Brits were upset with how the result went with 49.1% of UK not wanting to leave the European Union because of how they received benefits and have security with the EU. This news shocked the entire world, with Brexit appearing on almost social media and news outlet. Brexit stands for Britain exit.

The article speaks on how the author see many of her friends, whom does not speak much about politics, spoke out due to Brexit. The author also state that “Many of us grew up with a deep mistrust in the British political system.” This changed my perspective on how the UK see their government. I have always thought the British love their country and government just like their American ally do.

This made put myself into the British’s shoes. It made me think how I would feel if Singapore were to leave the ASEAN. I am so fortunate and lucky to have a government and country that has all the trust of the people and takes their thought into consideration.


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