Made In Singapore

made in sg.jpgReading the description of this activity made me realize how ignorant I was on how creative Singapore’s inventors are. Singaporeans have created the first “ipod
by creative technology. I feel like most Singaporeans’ inventions are not recognized internationally and respected. Many Singaporeans know what BreadTalk is, it even expanded into China and is selling well over there.

Another “thing” that is created by a Singaporean is a disease called “Tay Syndrome”. It was founded by Dr Chong Hai Tay who was the first Singaporean doctor to have a disease named after him. I felt like he “invented” something as he found out a new disease and had the honor of having the disease named after him. I feel as though Singapore don’t have a lot of recognition for anything is because of how young and unknown the country is to some people.

If I were an inventor, I would invent something that would ease people’s daily troubles in Singapore. One of the daily troubles of an average Singaporean would be carrying the groceries and don’t own a car. I would invent a trolley that would be able to go up stairs easily without the risk of the the groceries in the trolley to fall out. This would also help elderly in Singapore who live in old HDB who does not have lifts and only have stairs. This would also help housewives and maids in Singapore who regularly  do grocery shopping.



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