Weekly Reflection: Amos Yee

Amos Yee is an infamous Singaporean who got his “fame” for defaming others and criticizing other’s belief and their way of life.
Personally, I do not support and agree to his beliefs and I think his actions are very wrong. Amos’s uses sensitive topics like religion to spark controversy and uses it to gain fame for himself for eg, The Late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

When I first heard about Amos Yee, I was honestly ashamed he was from Singapore. Amos Yee tarnished Singapore’s reputation and even defamed our own leader. I was thinking, ” What kind of citizen hate their own country when it is one of the safest and least problematic government in the world”. I went to research more about him and he had multiple videos up on him insulting the different religion groups.

Some westerners are supporting Amos Yee and do not think there’s a problem with him using his “Freedom of Speech”. In America, racism and many sensitive topics are often talked about and joked on which might contribute to why some westerners support Amos Yee. However in Singapore, people with intent to hurt one’s belief or way of life is illegal and often frowned upon. In Singapore, there are laws to protect the citizen’s way of life and belief.

Honestly, I feel that we’re over-reacting to Amos due to the fact that he seeks attention from others and he is getting exactly what he wants. We should think logically and think the problem through and decide whether we should ignore him or not. Ignoring him wouldn’t be the best as he would create havoc in the society and the best would be to engage him in ways to have him be an effective and relevant citizen that contributes to society.

I wouldn’t support Amos Yee as this would go against my morals as a human being. I would like to think that everyone should and must respect everyone in terms of their beliefs and way of life, compromising one’s way of life and belief would to be compromising the nation’s security. I would say nation security in terms of physiological and social.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t support Amos Yee and I would no one does. Not only would he compromise our national security but he would also cause internal issues in the nation.


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