I went to google the “1st and 2nd Migrant Workers Poetry Competition” and came across with many amazing poetry about the life they had back home compared to their current life here in Singapore. Reading all the poets made by the migrants made sympathize with them, with the feeling of homesick, they are providing service and labor for us, Singaporeans.

The one that caught my eye is the Chinese poet by Hou Wei  who was born in Nanchang, Jiang Xi in China. He came to Singapore in 2011 and works in a logistics company. His poets are inspiried by the famous Chinese poet with the 8 word sentences.

I crossed a thousand miles and settled in the foreign land of Nanyang.

It has been twenty to thirty years since I returned to my hometown.

Loneliness left its residue all over my pillow and blanket,

At night I heard the downpour seeping through my shabby window.

How many autumns have it been since I got trapped in a strange land?

Moving around and struggling until my hair has gone grey.

Even the ship cannot bear the load of my homesickness,

All I can do is to imagine Singapore as China.

The only reason why this caught my eye would be that in the last line it said “All I can do is to imagine Singapore as China”. Singaporeans despise the mainland Chinese with their loud talking and behaviors and would always stare at them in the public transport. However, in China, that is how most of the people there behaves. The poem shows how lonely he is and “trapped” in a strange land.

Hou Wei has shown me his point of view and has changed my point of view as well. I hope to my fellow Singaporeans that they do as well, after all, they are humans just like the rest of us in Singapore.


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