I went to google the “1st and 2nd Migrant Workers Poetry Competition” and came across with many amazing poetry about the life they had back home compared to their current life here in Singapore. Reading all the poets made by the migrants made sympathize with them, with the feeling of homesick, they are providing service and labor for us, Singaporeans.

The one that caught my eye is the Chinese poet by Hou Wei  who was born in Nanchang, Jiang Xi in China. He came to Singapore in 2011 and works in a logistics company. His poets are inspiried by the famous Chinese poet with the 8 word sentences.

I crossed a thousand miles and settled in the foreign land of Nanyang.

It has been twenty to thirty years since I returned to my hometown.

Loneliness left its residue all over my pillow and blanket,

At night I heard the downpour seeping through my shabby window.

How many autumns have it been since I got trapped in a strange land?

Moving around and struggling until my hair has gone grey.

Even the ship cannot bear the load of my homesickness,

All I can do is to imagine Singapore as China.

The only reason why this caught my eye would be that in the last line it said “All I can do is to imagine Singapore as China”. Singaporeans despise the mainland Chinese with their loud talking and behaviors and would always stare at them in the public transport. However, in China, that is how most of the people there behaves. The poem shows how lonely he is and “trapped” in a strange land.

Hou Wei has shown me his point of view and has changed my point of view as well. I hope to my fellow Singaporeans that they do as well, after all, they are humans just like the rest of us in Singapore.


Weekly Reflection: Amos Yee

Amos Yee is an infamous Singaporean who got his “fame” for defaming others and criticizing other’s belief and their way of life.
Personally, I do not support and agree to his beliefs and I think his actions are very wrong. Amos’s uses sensitive topics like religion to spark controversy and uses it to gain fame for himself for eg, The Late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

When I first heard about Amos Yee, I was honestly ashamed he was from Singapore. Amos Yee tarnished Singapore’s reputation and even defamed our own leader. I was thinking, ” What kind of citizen hate their own country when it is one of the safest and least problematic government in the world”. I went to research more about him and he had multiple videos up on him insulting the different religion groups.

Some westerners are supporting Amos Yee and do not think there’s a problem with him using his “Freedom of Speech”. In America, racism and many sensitive topics are often talked about and joked on which might contribute to why some westerners support Amos Yee. However in Singapore, people with intent to hurt one’s belief or way of life is illegal and often frowned upon. In Singapore, there are laws to protect the citizen’s way of life and belief.

Honestly, I feel that we’re over-reacting to Amos due to the fact that he seeks attention from others and he is getting exactly what he wants. We should think logically and think the problem through and decide whether we should ignore him or not. Ignoring him wouldn’t be the best as he would create havoc in the society and the best would be to engage him in ways to have him be an effective and relevant citizen that contributes to society.

I wouldn’t support Amos Yee as this would go against my morals as a human being. I would like to think that everyone should and must respect everyone in terms of their beliefs and way of life, compromising one’s way of life and belief would to be compromising the nation’s security. I would say nation security in terms of physiological and social.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t support Amos Yee and I would no one does. Not only would he compromise our national security but he would also cause internal issues in the nation.

Global Voices.

Brexit.jpgAfter reading the recent posts on, the one that stand out to me is the post about Britain leaving the European Union. Many of the Brits were upset with how the result went with 49.1% of UK not wanting to leave the European Union because of how they received benefits and have security with the EU. This news shocked the entire world, with Brexit appearing on almost social media and news outlet. Brexit stands for Britain exit.

The article speaks on how the author see many of her friends, whom does not speak much about politics, spoke out due to Brexit. The author also state that “Many of us grew up with a deep mistrust in the British political system.” This changed my perspective on how the UK see their government. I have always thought the British love their country and government just like their American ally do.

This made put myself into the British’s shoes. It made me think how I would feel if Singapore were to leave the ASEAN. I am so fortunate and lucky to have a government and country that has all the trust of the people and takes their thought into consideration.

Made In Singapore

made in sg.jpgReading the description of this activity made me realize how ignorant I was on how creative Singapore’s inventors are. Singaporeans have created the first “ipod
by creative technology. I feel like most Singaporeans’ inventions are not recognized internationally and respected. Many Singaporeans know what BreadTalk is, it even expanded into China and is selling well over there.

Another “thing” that is created by a Singaporean is a disease called “Tay Syndrome”. It was founded by Dr Chong Hai Tay who was the first Singaporean doctor to have a disease named after him. I felt like he “invented” something as he found out a new disease and had the honor of having the disease named after him. I feel as though Singapore don’t have a lot of recognition for anything is because of how young and unknown the country is to some people.

If I were an inventor, I would invent something that would ease people’s daily troubles in Singapore. One of the daily troubles of an average Singaporean would be carrying the groceries and don’t own a car. I would invent a trolley that would be able to go up stairs easily without the risk of the the groceries in the trolley to fall out. This would also help elderly in Singapore who live in old HDB who does not have lifts and only have stairs. This would also help housewives and maids in Singapore who regularly  do grocery shopping.


Can I Change?

I’ve been thinking about what bad habits I should rectify and two came into my mind. I have always been known in my secondary school life for being late. I would love to change my bad habit to better my life for the present and the future. As I grow older, my bad habit of being late tend to become worse. So, I hope by adopting the six stages change cycle, I would be able to get rid of having the bad habit of being late. They say it takes 21 days for someone to get rid of a habit.

The six stages change cycle includes

  • precontemplation
  • contemplation
  • determination
  • action
  • maintenance
  • termination

I created a plan where I would have my phone play 2-3 songs of 4 mins. This gives me a total of 10-12 mins to get ready before leaving the house so I wouldn’t be late to school, meet up with friends or have dinner with relatives. For school, I would wake up an extra 15 mins as I am a heavy sleeper and would need a long time to get out of bed so I will wake up 15 mins earlier to compensate for me not being able to get out of bed easily.

Right now, I am at the stage of maintenance, relapse and recycling where I am successful in changing my habit. I have recently been early to a meet up for a minimum of 15 minutes. I do this by leaving my house early and checking the bus timings before leaving my house.



Unusual Occupations.

What does the word “unusual” mean to me?  Well, being “unusual” is a something or someone that isn’t common or not expected. Some common occupations which I  consider are Doctors, Lawyers, Taxi Drivers, Waiter/Waitress etc. I went online to search about what unusual jobs are there in Singapore, there were surprising results. The one that surprised me the most is being a Master Sommeliers  who “help people dining decide which wines complement their meals and also help restaurants craft their wine lists”.

Apparently, in order to become a Master Sommelier you must take a test which is considered one of the world’s toughest test to take. Currently, there are only about 229 Master Sommeliers in the world. Being a Master Sommelier pays quite well and you would be recognized around the world as one of the 230 people in the world who holds a Master Sommelier Diploma.






Heritage Trail

I went on a heritage trail during the term break together with two other friends. It was something I did not expect that I would do in a small group as most of the time a heritage was planned by the school and teachers.

I went on a heritage trail, ” Following the footsteps of our Fore-mothers”. It changed my mind on a few things.Women don’t get recognized as much as men do but yet, during their time, they kept doing what they are passionate about and that is to make an impact with their talents or actions. In their time, women were also labelled as a child giver and a housewife only and wasn’t permitted to do anything except for the two roles given forcefully to them,  it made me realize how much they have to sacrifice in order to be one of the pillars to support their family. There wasn’t a lot of women that dared to do what they love in the old days, those who did, made amazing and inspiring achievements.

The heritage trail consisted of 9 different places.

  • Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations
  • Sculpture Square (old Methodist Girls’ School)
  • Stamford Art Centre (The Theatre Practise)
  • National Library of Singapore
  • Singapore Management University (Old Raffles Girls’ School)
  • National Museum of Singapore
  • YMCA Building
  • St. Andrews Medical Dispensary

As my group of three went from each place to another, we found out that all of the women were very determined and passionate about in their career/talents and skills. However, we couldn’t complete the trail as the last place ” St. Andrews Medical Dispensary” was demolished and moved to Simei.

As I read the plaque of the different ambitious women achievements to the other, it made me realize how much work it takes to have your ambition succeed and how they made their geographical distance a non limiting factor of their success. It also made me look at how I should make my geographical distance a non limiting factor to succeed. For example, Mother St Mathilde Raclot and three other sisters went sent to Singapore to spread the message of God and within ten days, they have built a convent named CHIJ. This blows my mind simply because having something established so quickly in a foreign land and with sheer determination and passion in their religion, they made it happen.

Somehow during the trail, I could picture myself in their shoes and how difficult it was to overcome the different obstacles for example, in the Stamford Art Centre,  Goh Lay Kuan and her husband were detained without trail in 1976 for alleged communist in their works which her husband had to be in jail for 4 years. She have to raise her two children alone for these four years. It makes me wonder how tough both physically and mentally one must be to successful in their ambition. I aspire to be like tough both physically and mentally like Ms Goh Lay Kuan.

This trail was a trail to not be forgotten, it left an impact on me during the trail while hearing the amazing achievements made by the inspiring women and not only did it inspired me, it actually made me want to learn more about what other achievements did some other woman do in Singapore. During the Heritage Trail, we went to visit the tribute to the Samsui Women, who helped built Singapore, I have learnt so much like how the Samsui Women actually were Chinese Immigrants who actually wanted to return back to their homes in China and never could because of their finances problems and never saw their husbands and their child that they left behind.

Overall, I enjoyed this trip very much and have taken alot from it, I hope to apply those newly learnt mentality to my life in the future. 🙂

We went to the SCW to kick start off our heritage trail on our fore-mothers!



We went to the Stanford Arts Centre which offers music lessons and ballet.


We went inside to have a peek! There was an event that we missed three days prior to the heritage trail 😦
We went to the National Library and went to an exhibition and learning about the first female librarian.
Followed by that, we went to CHIJMES. There was also an exhibition based on the founders and sisters of CHIJMES.
Next, we went to the National Museum and looked around for it’s rich history.
Followed by the visit to the Museum, we went to YMCA and learn the history it holds.       (The YMCA building was involved in the WWII, it was the Japanese’s headquarters)
Lastly, we finished our heritage trail by taking a visit to to SMU’s School of Business.